For travel writer Jae Lovejoy, there’s always more to the story . . .


My new cozy mystery series is live on Amazon now! Books one through three are available in KDP select. This series is about Jae Lovejoy, a journalist who writes a popular travel column for the online media outlet Alt News America. Jae’s sense of adventure is what makes her a good travel writer, but it’s her sense of justice that draws her into murder investigations . . . Read on for more details about the Jae Lovejoy Cozy Mysteries.


Assignment Denver: The Case of the Eccentric Heiress . . .

Travel writer Jae Lovejoy thought her days of crime reporting were over . . .  She was wrong.

Jae thought she found her dream job. Being a travel writer let her enjoy all her favorite things: seeing new places … staying on the go … telling unusual stories … until she stumbled across a murder scene.

While she was looking for an interesting twist to spice up her Denver travel story, Jae found the body of the wealthiest woman in Colorado—a reclusive heiress who had her share of enemies. And the accused killer was Mitch Evans, the owner of a microbrewery and the subject of Jae’s travel story.

Now Jae’s editor wants her to put her travel story on hold to cover the crime. Meanwhile, she is assigned to work with Colin Bloom, a handsome and talented photographer who is frustratingly quiet. And family drama from back East is finding its way to Jae in Denver.

Can she keep herself together, personally and professionally, while she tries to solve the case of the eccentric heiress? Read Assignment Denver: The Case of the Eccentric Heiress and find out today!

Assignment Vegas: The Case of the Athlete’s Assassin

A feature on Olympian and Las Vegas star McKenna Johnson could be one of the biggest stories of Jae Lovejoy’s career . . .  but only if McKenna stays alive.

McKenna Johnson is a fiercely private athlete. As a young gymnast, she was an Olympic gold medalist. But when she approached adulthood, a drug and alcohol problem destroyed her career.

Now McKenna’s sober, and back in the spotlight, with a starring role in a water-themed acrobatics show on the Vegas Strip. She normally shuns any publicity, but Jae has managed to strike up a rapport with the athlete.

Soon after Jae and photographer Colin Bloom arrive in Las Vegas, they realize something’s not right. A series of strange accidents and near-misses threatening McKenna’s life are pointing to foul play. And before long, Jae becomes a target too.

Can Jae and Colin save McKenna and finish this assignment? Read Assignment Vegas: The Case of the Athlete’s Assassin and find out today!

Assignment Austin: The Case of the Roller Derby Rivals

Roller Derby is always a dangerous sport . . .  but in Austin, it’s become deadly.

Jae and Colin are still on the road—this time profiling the creative, independent-minded residents of Austin, Texas. And the Capital City Wreckers, a women’s roller derby team, will be the perfect subject for Jae’s story.

But when a rival team’s sponsor is found dead during Wrecker’s practice, police suspicions quickly zero in on the captain of the Wreckers and her boyfriend. The last thing Jae wants is to get tangled up in another murder investigation. But she senses injustice here, and Jae knows she has to step in.

Meanwhile, the vague nature of her relationship with Colin is tested. And Jae continues to look for the courage to tell her mother how she really feels.

Can she bring finally bring order to her personal life, and also crack the case of the Roller Derby Rivals? Pick up the book and find out today!